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On my creative journey I draw from a rich pool of inspiration - be it from legends, songs, films, current events or the charming chaos of everyday life. It fills me with joy to know that my art touches people, be it through the symbolic depth, the harmonious color composition or the playful humor.

My art's journey began with gratitude as it found lovers right from the start. From Singapore to Zurich, from New York to Texas and Bern, to Munich and Berlin, as well as to distant cities like Sidney, Oslo, Hamburg and Salzburg - my "Kuhlen Bilder®" have traveled the world, from Gstaad to Helsinki, from Los Angeles to Zhu Hai.

My artistic creativity is an endless journey of imagination in which I rarely allow myself to get bored. In my daydreams I create an ideal world - colorful, happy and full of harmony. These moments of dreaminess are not only my own source of energy, but also a place of lightness where insights often arise unconsciously.


I have been painting every day for 15 years and have embarked on this artistic adventure without any inhibitions. I am deeply grateful that my works found their fans from the very beginning. This shows me that we can try new things without hesitation and be successful. My art celebrates the lightness of being and encourages you to explore new paths with courage, perseverance and creativity.

In my artistic practice I constantly strive for innovation and new paths. For me, each canvas is an opportunity to discover something unexpected, find answers to questions or solve puzzles. Curiosity is key for me, and my art celebrates this curious pursuit of ever new colors, shapes and compositions. It is the curious people who bring ideas to life and they play an important role in my creative work.

My art celebrates not only the visual aesthetics, but also the emotional experience. It conveys positive feelings such as joy of life, love and strength. Every brush stroke is an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery and joy.

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